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Sitting by the Lake
Sitting by the Lake


Welcome to Vie.  Let us help you unlock your full potential and create the life you desire.  Whether your looking to overcome obstacles, enhance your well being or achieve your highest goals, we are here to provide you support, practical strategies and the motivation needed to create a more purposeful and empowered life.


Our philosophy is that everyone has the capacity for growth and healing. We know that sometimes life can be challenging, but we are here to help you navigate those challenges. Our experienced counselors and life coaches provide individualized attention and support, and we strive to help our clients develop the skills they need to overcome obstacles and create the life they want. Together, we will create a plan that incorporates your strengths and passions, while addressing the areas that need improvement.


What better investment, then that in yourself.

Individual Coaching provides guidance, support, accountability, and growth so that you can reach your desired outcomes. Together we will confront the obstacles, limitations, and difficulties that have kept you from reaching your goals. We'll assess your current situation, create and implement a plan, monitor your progress and celebrate your success

Creating a mind set that encourages continued growth.  Once we are able to rid ourselves of unproductive emotions such as guilt and shame,

we allow ourselves to focus on first

healing and eventually thriving.

Family Life Coaching Sessions are also available in situations which require the support and participation of family members, partners or support systems.


Playing in mud and streams is the best thing. This is three of my nephews _ nieces and one of my kid

Parenting is learning the perfect balance between holding on and letting go.  "Unknown"

The focus of parent coaching is as it sounds:  to give you, the parent, the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your parenting goals.  Parent coaching is like life coaching, but with a different emphasis. 

One aspect of parent coaching typically focuses on helping parents minimize problematic behaviors, and cultivate pro-social, constructive behavior in their children.  Often our 

daily interactions with our kids unintentionally and implicitly reinforce the very behaviors we want to minimize (lack of listening, impatience, power struggles, etc). 


  • Tantrums and power struggles

  • Whining

  • Hitting, yelling, and other aggressive behaviorOp-positional behavior


  • Listening skill

  • Cooperation and responsiveness

  • Self-sufficiency

  • Good manners

Another aspect of coaching focuses on

teaching parents how to foster happiness, confidence, empathy,

patience, and self-reliance in      

children, such as:

  • How to help kids deal with stress and disappointment

  • How to help kids develop self-discipline (to do things they don't want to do, but need to be done)

  • How to praise kids in ways that don't inadvertently hinder creativity or achievement.



"Love your kids for who they are today, not who you think they should or could be, for who they are right now".  Unknown

Did 18 Come and Go, Now What?  Is Failure to Launch becoming one of your biggest fears?

Coaching can help with stress,motivation, self confidence, schoolwork, substance use, body issues, relationships, and many other adolescent issues.  In addition, I will work with clients educational team or other members crucial to clients success.  

The struggle is real for teens. There’s

school, social media & sports. There’s

friends, family and the future.. The

pressure is unrelenting! Many turn to

vaping, weed or cutting for relief.

My coaching works

because, along with listening and laughter, I use evidence-based strategies, that are proven to work from beginning to solution.

Image by Sammie Chaffin


"You can not heal in the same environment that you got sick". Unknown

Recreating a life that in the past  has revolved around addiction is no easy task.  However, I promise you it can be done.  I know it feels like everyday is harder then the day before and at times loosing the battle begins to feel less like a fear and more like a devastating reality.   However, I also promise you people just as sick as you and your family have survived addiction.  In addition to a successful recovery, they found happiness and peace.  Creating lives that no longer revolve around their addiction.

 As  a life coach, my approach to Addiction is different then that of others.  I understand addiction causes significant pain to families and can jeopardize the safety of communities etc.  I also understand the anger and resentment that takes place for families living with an addict.  In saying that, I stand by the fact that addicts are people that have become POWERLESS over drugs and are NOW sick.  This sickness is no different then any other and if left untreated becomes terminal.  In order to make change we must first be honest in where we are at with our addiction and how we got here.  This is how we determine what level of help we need and what behaviors need modifying in order to be successful.  Once this process starts, appropriate support is critical.    Helping clients and their families eliminate any shame or guilt attached to addictive behaviors and begin to put our energy towards what truly matters.   Begin to focus on the natural elation we feel during positive moments in our life and how these positives can help deal with and overcome addiction. When you’re happy and feeling a sense of

accomplishment or completeness, then

there’s no longer a need for whatever it is you have become addicted to.

I am absolutely passionate about helping individuals and families struggling with addiction.  I believe secrets keep us sick and if more people begin to recover out loud, less people will suffer in silence. 

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Psychology tells us...The biggest difference between two people is simply a misunderstanding".

Relationship Coaching is what we refer to as the "Bend Or Break" Approach.  In practice this means, we are going to offer partners an opportunity to look within and determine how they can become the best version of themselves in order to be a partner worth value to others.  In addition to offer tools and support for those relationships that have already endured pain and even trauma such as ( lack of communication, dishonesty, infidelity and everything in between.)  It's not about chasing the once was, but about creating the new.  We help relationships turn pain into potential, this is done by a deep understanding of one another in addition to learning how to have a relationship out of desire not obligation.










All of our work is completely confidential.  We honor the same discretion and legal practices as traditional counseling and therapy.


$ 1000.00 Package ( 60 Day Coaching Sessions)

To be used weekly for 60 Days

$125.00 Per Hour

  • One on One Life Coaching/Counseling Sessions (1 hour Apt /1.5 HR for Initial Apt)  

  • Family Coaching Sessions (1.5 HR)  Weekly commitment for first 30 days of coaching. 

  • Unlimited Email Access (24 HR) response return time.


$2000.00 = 20 Coaching Hours.  Session Times fluctuate according to client needs. Discounted Member Rate  ($100.00 Per Hour)

Unlimited Email Support

6 Emergent Texts Support ( 2 Hour Response Rate)

3 Emergent/Unscheduled Calls (15 Minute Durations)

  • 15 Total Coaching Hours = $2000.00. 

  • Affordable Monthly Payment Options​​

  • Unlimited Email Access (24 HR ) return response time.

  • Personalized homework & literature pertaining to your personal Journey

  • Monthly Check In.  This email will include hours used/balance in addition to topics covered and goals I have aligned during our sessions

  • Experience significant shifts and positive gains over the next 3-6 month.  ​Each session ranges between 30 minutes to 2.5 hours in length depending on the topic of your desire and your current level of resistance. Each session is custom-tailored to you and your specific desires - I will guide you from your current vibration to your desired vibration.​You will breakthrough old patterns of behavior that are no serving you.  You will shed old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from experiencing the life you deserve.  You will experience improved relationships with the people closest to you. You will find more enjoyment, ease, and flow in each day and  know what it truly means to have peace and satisfaction in your life.​


$100.00 Per HR (Discounted Rate for Members upon completion of 20 hours of coaching).

For many clients Life Coaching becomes a tool they incorporate into their lives on going.  I offer hourly sessions at a discounted rate for members who would like to continue with life coaching at their discretion.  For some clients this ensures them the momentum to keep building, continue to thrive and strengthen relationships.  Opportunity to prepare for situations they anticipate to be overwhelming or or difficult in nature.  Tackle new issues that may arise, etc. 

  • Individual  Coaching Sessions (100.00 HR),No commitment is required and may be used at clients discretion.

  • Unlimited Email Access (24 HR) response time.

  • Check In Email, this email includes hours used/balance, in addition to topics covered and aligned goals.

  • 5/15 Min Unscheduled Emergent Calls.​​


Call For Quote

Intervention Services are unique in nature.  Price varies depending on severity of the situation and size of the support group.  Please call me directly for a personalized quote.


Call For Quote

Team and Group Coaching Sessions are recommended for Team Settings such as Private Businesses, Organizations and Clubs.  Coaching assists in, coping with change, improve productivity, deal with conflict, in addition to making members feel more valuable. 

These settings are unique in nature.  Please contact me directly for a personalized quote.


I have spent the majority of my career working in the field of mental health and chemical dependency.  My professional background has allowed me the tools and experience I need as a Life Coach, however a very personal journey is what brought me here.  June 18th 2017, my son turned 18.  Like most families, we celebrated with family, the evening was full of love , laughter and excitement for the next chapter of my now "grown" son's life.    What I didn't know was that the very next morning would be the start of what I consider the worst two years of my life. No education or life experience could have prepared me for what was coming. My son, who was a good kid, an athlete, well respected in our community got sick .  When I say sick I don’t mean the common cold, or even the once a season "flu", we all dread. I mean the kind of sick that changes someone, the kind of sick that many don’t survive.  There were no red flags or obvious signs like my education and society had so negligently promised me.  My son wasn’t walking a slippery slope, or struggling with mental health issues that we failed to understand.  We weren't disconnected or distracted parents.  My son went out to celebrate his new found adulthood, tried drugs and woke up ADDICTED, a slave to the high. The next two years consisted of 4  car accidents, five arrests, 21 hospital visits, drug induced seizure disorder, nine treatment centers (3 Inpatient, 6 outpatient), a voluntary stay in a Mental Institution and the birth of his first child. The pain my son and our family endured during his Addiction is in fucking indescribable, and something to this day that haunts me. It was like a nightmare that didn't even require or allow you to sleep. As a mother I could feel his pain, I remember thinking, if we are hurting this bad...Imagine how he must be feeling. The entire dynamic of our family shifted almost immediately, and everyone lived around my sons addiction.  With each failed attempt to stay clean, my son began the process of “disconnecting” from everything and everyone.   It was that moment that all my education and experience took a back seat and the mom in me was now in the driver's seat.  I nade an intentional decision to began loving him for who he was that day, not who I thought he should or could be, but for who he was right then. I began to tell myself and him, that I was going to LOVE him through this addiction. Maybe because I was out of other answers, maybe because it was the only one thing I knew to be true and real.  I reminded my son everyday, sometimes multiple times a day that he wasn't alone in this fight, that his efforts no matter how small were recognized.  That his pain was real and his struggle was genuine. I said those things to him because they were true. This is the point at which we have been taught to withhold empathy and love from people struggling with addiction.  As if "LOVE" has ever truly been the cause of someone's sickness worsening.  It was that moment that I  stopped giving a "FUCK" what anyone thought about my approach or my son. Rather then pushing him away, I pulled him closer. This type of unconditional love comes at a cost like anything else, so for any of you that may be thinking it is the lazy or enabling approach, you couldn't be more mistaken.  This type ofgenuine relationship isn't easy, it comes with a lot of raw and painful truths, truths most parents or partners don't really want to know about the lives their loved one is living.  Many times I had to deny my son bail from jail even though I had the means to help him.  Jeopardize relationships in order to protect him, risk my job and  put the needs of myself and other children aside.  You know why?  Because it was a Fucking EMERGENCY, what we were dealing with in that moment was life threatening, like cancer or anything else.  There was no prioritizing, it was a matter of saving his life at that point.  See to the rest of the world my son was just another statistic, but to us he is irreplaceable, without him there is no us and I knew that. Fast forward my son is alive and well. He is a beautiful father, partner, brother, son and friend.  I believe we made it through it first and foremost because my son got up everyday and tried again, and as his mother I did too. No matter how many tears had fallen the night before, I smiled at him every chance I got. We talked, we cried, we stayed CONNECTED.  There was no room for tough love in my home or my practice.  Addiction is Tough Enough, love shouldn't be.  We kept the conversations going no matter how hard they were for me to hear or him to share.  I believe this honesty saved our family.  Rather then wasting years of time in denial or energy covering the truth, we put all we had into healing.  As your Life Coach, I am going to help you do the same.  Lets have those conversations, stay connected to the ones we love and make the changes necessary to create the peaceful and happy life we all deserve.   Thank you  for reading my story and I look forward to hearing yours.​​​

Carissa and Rae are by far some of the most genuine professionals I have worked with.  Their down to earth demeanor almost instantly makes you feel comfortable and the ability to help put issues in perspective was priceless.

Genevieve S. Gig Harbor WA

I struggle with Addiction among other things.  I have met with more doctors and specialists then I care to even remember.  I came to Coach Rae with a negative attitude, prepared to hear the same BS I had been hearing for years.  Coach Rae was different, she was human and treated me the same.  Spoke to me in a language I could understand and shared a perspective that not only made sense but that I could actually apply to my current situation.  Coach Rae is good people.

Luke P.  Maple Valley WA

We are a blended family that consists of 9 children total.  Over time unadressed issues started to tear our family apart most obvious was the relationship between my husband and
myself.  For the past 2 years we have been working with Carissa to address different issues with our teenagers who are now young adults.  We have grown to love and trust her.   I would recommend Coach Rae to any family in need of help and guidance.

Eckhart Family, Olympia WA


There is no better investment than the one you make in yourself.

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